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The most authentic and trusted Yoga School in Ahmedabad


What We Do

Group Yoga Classes for All Levels

Book and join in our group classses. All classes are designed for all levels of practitioners and you will always be helped in class.

Private and Customised Yoga Sessions

If you have specific time and need contact us for booking private sessions. We can design the session as per your need. 

200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training

If you are ready to take your practice to teaching level and get certified, we are here to help you to achieve your teaching dream. 

Special Yoga Events

Contact us for our special Yoga events or if you are planing to organise an event. We make events a memorable event. 

Yoga Retreats

Looking for a holiday filled with energy and well-being – we plan Yoga retreats in exotic places to relax, restore and rejuvenate. 

Yoga Workshops

We organise special workshops on specific element of Yoga. These are intense and take you deeper level of understanding to subject. 


Yogic, Professional and Service Oriented

Deepen your yoga practice with us and learn to teach with skill and grace. Become the part of the community to help and serve society to make healthier and happier people around you. Healthy people make healthy society and a healthy world. Lets work towards this goal.

We Create An Ambiance To Re-Connect With Yourself For Health & Healing

Join us in our studio, private classes, workshops or our Teacher training to explore and experience the connection within for health and healing. 

Five Spheres. One Mission.

By Working on this five Spheres our aim is provide complete well-being and holistic health to our society. 


Find StrengtH

Stress Relief

Relax & Refresh

Rejuvenate Body, Mind & Soul


What People Are Saying

Girjesh sir is one of the best teachers I’ve practiced yoga with. He sees to it that every other student reaches and attains optimum posture into every asana as per every individual’s limit ,his sessions are powerful and u feel instant boost of energy and strength, would always be grateful i could practise with him :)) ,you aren’t a yoga lover if you haven’t practiced yet with him

Mansi Shingala

Yogi Girijesh is a passionate, knowledgeable yoga teacher. Kaivalaya yogashala has become first choice of many genuine yoga sadhakas and those who are looking a place to heal lifestyle related disorders under the mentorship of Girijesh sharma.
I wish all the best to Kaivalaya yogashala Ahrmedabad.

Sunil Sharma

Great experience  best yoga teacher, Grijesh sir trains not only body but also mind, doing yoga with him since 1.5 years but now it’s addiction we do with him @ 6 am but through out winter because of sir we don’t drop a single day of class. Keep the good work in today’s hassels life we need such dedicated people to help us live a healthy life!! 

Ashoo Baxi

Must visit studio, it is my great fortune to meet girjeshsir 15years back since that time I am practicing yoga and meditation under his able guidance, your comprehensive knowledge about yoga shastra makes you different and great from others
Best wishes always sir!

Bijal Haria

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